Security at Triple Bottom Line, LLC, is taken very seriously. Effectively managing the IP assets of our clients is of primary importance in our business strategy. We are proud of our record of zero IP related complaints and always seek ways to improve security.

Outsource only – TBLDevelopmentfirm devotes itself entirely to the software outsourcing industry. TBL doesn’t own any software products itself. No solution libraries are allowed into the company (except for open-source information), for any new developments.

Non-Disclosure Agreement – The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed at the start of a business relationship.

Database Security – Customer teams install database products into a remote data server in a blocked shelf. Access to sensitive information is limited to essential personnel only. The database will not be used for any purposes other than development.

Confidential Document Control – All copies of a client’s confidential documents are regularly accounted for and deleted when usage needs have expired. All such confidential documents are returned and disposed of by the client.

Office Security – Dedicated development teams have separate offices with password-controlled security access; only the relevant staff, permitted to enter ODC offices. No one is given access to any hardware devices, except the network administrator. Security procedures and precautions are also enforced systematically after working hours.

Personal Computer Security – Each team member has his/her computer configured with a startup password, preventing access by others apart from the network administrator.


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