FDA on CBD Edible Crackdown: We Will Continue to "Closely Scrutinize"

FDA on CBD Edible Crackdown: We Will Continue to "Closely Scrutinize"

This week, state and local authorities cracked down on foods containing the increasingly popular cannabis extract cannabidiol, better known as CBD. Public health officials in Maine, New York City, and Ohio have banned sales of foods containing CBD, citing US Food and Drug Administration guidelines. On Wednesday, North Carolina appeared ready to follow suit. As the dominoes fall, however, the FDA is remaining mostly silent on the multi-state crackdown.

Officials from the federal food safety authority have not been willing to clarify whether it is behind the move, despite the fact that the efforts across multiple non-adjacent states give a strong impression of a coordinated effort.

“There is ongoing communication with state and local officials to answer questions about the requirements under the FD&C Act, to better understand the landscape at the state level, and to otherwise engage with our state/local regulatory partners,” an FDA spokesperson tells Inverse, citing the Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act. This act prohibits prescription drugs — like CBD, which is the main ingredient in the anti-seizure drug Epidiolex — from being added to food products.

Owners of some businesses that sell edible CBD products are, understandably, concerned. Read more

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