Colorado's Marijuana Laws Are About to Change...Big Time

Colorado's Marijuana Laws Are About to Change...Big Time

Coloradans voted for major change in November 2012, when they approved Amendment 64 and legalized recreational cannabis. Now Colorado lawmakers have approved changes that will prove almost as momentous.

Measures opening the state to social pot use and commercial cannabis delivery, as well as approving new medical conditions for medical marijuana, all passed the Colorado General Assembly this session. But even more changes could come through less sexy bills that address sunsetting laws in the state's medical marijuana program and pot industry. These bills would create new business licenses, along with new opportunities for medical marijuana access; regulations would be eased for cannabis business owners and employees alike.

Now that the smoke of the 2019 legislative session has cleared, we've highlighted some of the most anticipated changes to Colorado cannabis:

Legal social consumption could finally arrive
Finding places to legally consume cannabis outside of a private home is difficult in Colorado, where public pot use is banned by the state constitution. But thanks to the passage of House Bill 1230, businesses like dispensaries, restaurants, hotels, music venues and more could soon apply for social pot use permits. There are still some catches, though: Governor Jared Polis hasn't signed the bill yet (although proponents expect him to), and if/when he does, local governments must still opt in to the program. And one state rule won't change: No establishment allowing pot use will be able to sell alcohol, too. Read more

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