Ethereum CryptoKitties Creator Scores $15M From Google, Samsung

Ethereum CryptoKitties Creator Scores $15M From Google, Samsung

While the cryptocurrency market continues its mundane sideways price action, CryptoKitties, and its creator, Vancouver, Canada-based Dapper Labs, has continued to see growing interest from external investors, who seem to be enamored with the idea of Ethereum-based collectible cats. Per a report from Bloomberg, which was published on Thursday morning. the venture branches of Google (Alphabet), Samsung, and Venrock threw millions at Dapper Labs, a spinoff of the also Vancouver-based Axiom Zen, in an unexpected turn of events.

Venrock, an American venture capital firm founded by the Rockefeller Family (hence “Venrock”), reportedly led the funding round, with Samsung Next and Google Ventures coming in behind the VC giant to collectively invest $15 million in Dapper, which is near-solely focused on the CryptoKitties decentralized application (DApp).

Interestingly, however, the technology startup was hesitant to give the exact specifics of the deal, potentially indicating that the funding round may not have been cut and dried, or that the company may want to keep a veil of secrecy. See more...

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