Barbara Lee Files Three Pieces Of Social Justice Marijuana Legislation In One Day

Barbara Lee Files Three Pieces Of Social Justice Marijuana Legislation In One Day

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduced three wide-ranging marijuana bills in Congress on Thursday.

The congresswoman, who was named as a co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus last month, re-filed legislation to end federal cannabis prohibition, bar the federal government from using funds to interfere in state-legal marijuana programs and encourage reform policies to help communities of color participate in the legal market.

“For far too long, our federal cannabis policies have been rooted in the past. As the public’s views toward marijuana have evolved, Congress has a responsibility to ensure that our policies are fair, equitable and inclusive,” Lee said in a press release. “Sadly, while some have benefited from recent reforms to state and local cannabis laws, people of color, veterans and other underrepresented communities have been locked out of this progress.”

The text of the latest versions of these pieces of legislation are not yet available online, but here’s a summary of what they would accomplish based on the text of earlier versions filed last Congress:

—The Marijuana Justice Act would remove cannabis from the list of federally controlled substances and penalize states where marijuana enforcement is carried out in a racially disproportionate manner. It has 30 initial cosponsors. (A new version was filed in the Senate as well on Thursday, with several competing Democratic presidential candidates teaming up to cosponsor the legislation) Read more

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