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Presenting a new concept

We propose the most valuable solutions at each stage of your development project. We walk you through each stage and provide real-time support. We are an expert development company with the complete-cycle web, mobile app, and software development.

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Custom Website Development

Our team assesses, we ask questions, and we propose the most valuable solutions at each stage of your website development project. TBL is an expert development company with the complete-cycle web, mobile app, and software development. We can assure the excellent quality of service that our company offers.

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Drive One-Way from Florida with rates as low as $4.99 a day!

What we do?

Website designing

Are you looking for someone who can create a website for you, in the best regards? Do you want a desktop and a Smartphone application for your business?

TBL Technerds has the best UI/UX designer team and web developer team. We assure you that we offer the most updated and most SEO friendly webpage you would ever have. We have a wide variety of all kinds of programming languages from WordPress, CodeIgniter, Lavarel, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, and CSS.

Our diligent team works their best to provide a glitch-free service. We try to dig in most from you about your idea of web design and offer you a web page that is the same or closest to what you wanted.

Applications and software

If you are thinking we only ace in designing and web development, there is more. We can also provide you with the mobile application that you always wanted on your website. Nowadays, Smartphone sorted everything. To ease this issue for you, we can create software or the mobile app for your website that is capable of iOS and android both.

The team we have comprises of the highly learned and experienced individuals who work on each project with a lot of effort. Moreover, we are exploring and working on new technologies, setup, web hosting, and more to help you further even more.

  • WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento
  • Graphic Design
  • PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML-CSS Programming
  • Unity3d Programming
  • Android Java Programming
  • iOS Swift Programming
  • Laravel Programming
  • Amazon AWS Server Management, Load Balancing, Penetration Testing and Protection, AutoScaling, Instance Implementation, Elastic IP
  • React.JS, React Native

Services we provide Our most common Services


The Android ecosystem enables you to create applications and an optimized responsive system. We assure you the best Android service than any android development team can offer.

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Game Development

We can help you create a game that is the most responsive and fast that you will ever experience.

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Unity 3D

The most powerful game engine is Unity 3D. We will create a robust game for you.

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Website Development

The website development is the art that we provide to our customers. These creative, responsive, and SEO optimized websites are great to start a business.

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iOS Apps

We also excel in creating applications that are iOS compatible. So, no need to worry, we got you!

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Birthday in a Box


We created this firm in 2013 with a bunch of experts. Our motto is to create flawless websites, software, and mobile applications that are android and iOS compatible.

With a clear vision that we had, we are becoming the choice of many people for their web designing process. We appreciate the communication and try to create the best possible piece that the customer wants. At the same time, we are still learning and embracing the new technologies and the software that we can use to make our work even better and obstruction-free.

We plan to have a brief discussion with clients and learn their idea for their web. Moreover, our committed team works diligently to provide the best outcome with the instructions of the clients.

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Why Choose TBL ?

There is a point where you have to make or break the decision. So, here is why you should choose us.

  • Diligent, competent, and expert individuals; trying to provide you the service the way you expect
  • Glitch-free, fast and creative website creation
  • Communication is the key for us
  • The satisfaction of the client is the foremost priority for us
  • Use of new technology, software, and exploring more to make the work much better and extravagant
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Strategies to make sure the web turns out just the way the client wanted

Our Valuable Clients

Canada (Montreal), United Kingdom (London, Manchester, Leeds, Essex), United States (New York, Florida, Texas, San Diego, Los Angeles, New Jersey, California, San Francisco), Australia (Sydney), Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China and many more.

Case Studies

Paul Fredrick Clearance Section Banner

Do you have an app idea? We can help you create your dream app.

Client Testimonials

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the work they've done for our company to date. We at Ward-Allen Publications have been making connections and setting the ground work for future release of the SIMS Guide mobile App. Your dedication to our vision has been the most inspirational experience that I have ever seen in my years of doing business.
I am ready to share our success with everyone involved and will never forget the support you have shown our company.
Thank you all again.

Edwin Robinson

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